4 Best Remedies for a Congested Baby

It’s that time of the year where cold and flu season is just winding down.  This has been a particularly bad cold season. It seems like everyone is getting sick easily.  Here at our house, despite our best efforts, we have gotten sick A LOT. The boys seem to get the brunt of every cold that passes through and right now we’re battling a congested cough and runny nose.  I’m hoping this will be the last cold of the season, but while we’re still in the throws of sickness I wanted to compile a list of my favorite remedies for a congested baby!



The Nose Frida is the best nasal aspirator by far.  Initially this product can look a little weird, but once you get over that you’ll be using it every time you need to suction snot from tiny noses.


Vicks makes a brand of their soothing ointment for infants. I use this to rub on Benny’s chest at night to help him breathe better when he has a congested cough.


I love running the diffuser with some soothing oils mixed in or a humidifier when any of the kids are sick.  Extra moisture is key when keeping the snot from blocking up the nose. My favorite oils to use when running the diffuser for babies and toddlers are diluted Eucalyptus, lavender and lemon.


Sometimes one of the best ways to give a baby some relief from a bad cold is to give them some Infant Tylenol. Because of my children’s history with febrile seizures, we use baby Tylenol pretty frequently here (pretty much as soon as they show any sign of fever), but you can obviously use it at your discretion. We also love the Little Remedies Infant saline spray which helps to break up any snot so you can suck it out easier.

Make sure you keep watch for dehydration and any signs of labored breathing.  If you see any alarming change in behavior or health make sure to call your pediatrician immediately. Good luck! Hopefully the cold season will be over soon!

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