8 Essentials for Calming a Fussy Baby

When we first bring our little bundles of joy home from the hospital sometimes things don’t always go as perfect as we’d hoped.  Having a baby with a gassy stomach makes for many sleepless nights and days spent trying to soothe them.  Recently, my youngest child, Benny, has gone from being a very relaxed baby to being a fussy child with horrible gas. Since I have two other children, a dog, and a house to take care of I was desperate to find some solutions to make our days together easier.  Below our some of the best ones I’ve seen work for us and fellow moms I know.

  1. Babywearing: Many times Ben will not sleep during the day unless I hold him and if I don’t hold him he will cry. With 2 older children and things to do around my house I need my arms free. I decided to take my baby carrier inside to see if it would help calm Ben and…It worked! I managed to get chores done in the house while holding him as he slept.
  2. Gripe Water:  I’ve been using gripe water since my first child 4 years ago. It works great at soothing fussy babies with tummy issues. Gripe water is all natural but ask your pediatrician first if you should try it!
  3. Bicycle Legs & Tummy Time:  I started moving Ben’s legs in a bicycle pattern one night after seeing him writhe around because of gas pains.  This helped to break up the gas and before long he was calm and sleeping.  Doing tummy time is another activity that can help break up gas.
  4. Swaddle:  My Ben has personally outgrown the swaddle within the last couple of weeks and now hates it, but when he was really little it worked great and we could not get him to calm down for bed without it.prod-pic2
  5. Bathe and Massage:  A warm bath and a nice calming massage with some lavender scented lotion will usually help calm a crying baby. The warm water and lavender baby lotion  should relax your baby while the massage helps to break up any gas.
  6. Pacifier:  My first two kids hated the pacifier for some reason and refused to take one, but Ben actually will use it if given which has been a lifesaver for me. He’s been using it less and less but will still take it for at least a little while so I can get some housework done. His favorite is the soothie.
  7. Windi Gas Reliever: The Windi Gas Reliever is another product by Fridababy, the makers of the popular Nosefrida.  When first looking at this product, it definitely seems weird and gross but it’s gotten a lot of rave reviews by moms.  It’s basically a safe and natural way to relieve gas when you…well…you stick the product into the babies butt. It should only be used occasionally and you should ask your pediatrician first before trying. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ve heard many positive reviews from moms I know so I’ll be getting it if Ben’s gas problems continue.prod-pic
  8. Anti-Colic Bottle:  Using an anti-colic specific bottle could help calm your baby if they get a gassy stomach easily. We currently use Doctor Browns, which worked great for my second child Owen when he had acid reflux as a newborn. MAM is another brand of anti-colic bottles that have great reviews from many fellow moms.

Try these tips at home if your baby gets gassy and starts keeping you up at night.  Consult your pediatrician if things don’t seem to be getting better and good luck!

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I work in the medical field.  All opinions in this post are based on my own opinion and experience with my 3 children. If you have concerns, check with your pediatrician. Also this post does contain affiliate links, meaning I will get a commission if you purchase them.


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