Generic Baby Essentials Round Up

I compare my favorite generic baby items to the name brands!

We’re young parents with three little ones so I am always trying to save a dollar.  Plus, I’ve just always been a cheapskate. It’s part of my personality and I find it fun to save money.  When I first had my daughter four years ago I started out using name brands for diapers, wipes and formula only to find out how expensive having a baby really was.  I figured there had to be a way to save some money while still getting decent quality.  Almost every store has its own brand of baby essentials and I decided to give them a try to see if they held up to the name brands.  Over the past four years and three children, I’ve found some favorites and some not so favorites.  I even prefer some of the generic brands to the more expensive name brands. Listed below are my findings!

Parent’s Choice

Parent’s Choice is Walmart’s brand for baby items.

Diapers and pull ups

This was the first brand of generic diapers I tried and I haven’t looked back. I find these comparable to the name brands and in many ways better. I’ve never experienced a full blow-out with these diapers and they have even been used overnight and withheld a gallon of pee with no leaks. We moved on to pull ups after outgrowing diapers and I love those as well. This is always my first choice for diapers and pull ups. No leaks, no blow-outs. Price comparison to name brand:

Parent’s Choice size 2 box of 104: Listed on for $13.16

Pampers size 2 box of 132 : Listed on Amazon for $31.41


I’m very picky about my wipes. I prefer a thick and almost rough wipe compared to a thin and super soft one. I just feel like they clean better and are easier to use. For this reason I love the Parent’s Choice brand for wipes. For name brands I’ve tried both Pampers and Huggies. Pampers were way too soft and thin for me and Huggies were comparable in product but obviously a bit more expensive. Parent’s Choice for the win again! Price Comparison to name brand:

Parent’s Choice wipes 800 count: 13.47 on

Pampers wipes 448 count: 11.29 on

Huggies wipes 648 count: 14.67 on

Up and Up

This is Target’s brand for baby items.

Diapers and Pull Ups

I find that Target’s brand diapers are almost identical to Walmart’s in product. They are a bit more expensive but not enough to deter me from buying them.  I’ve never had a leak or a blow out with these as well.  The pull ups work perfect and have survived being used overnight with no leaks. This is my second choice for diapers and pull ups. Price:

Up and Up size 2 box of 172: 21.99 on


I find the wipes to be comparable to Parents Choice as well in both price and product.

Little Journey

Little Journey is the new line of baby products recently launched by Aldi that I’ve been really excited about since I love Aldi.

Diapers and Pull Ups

Aldi is one of my favorite stores, but these diapers and Pull Ups are lacking.  I will buy them in a pinch but only a small pack since they’re really not that great. They leak very easily and you can tell when looking at the actual product that they are cheaply made. The price is comparable to both Walmart and Target so I highly recommend trying those brands before this if you can since it won’t save you much money.


I have a completely different opinion on the wipes…I love them! They work pretty much just the same as Parent’s Choice and Up and Up. The price is about the same if not a bit cheaper.


Anyone who has a baby and has ever needed to use formula knows the price is obviously astronomical. It could cost close to $30 for a can of name brand formula such as Enfamil. All three of my babies were formula fed for the most part and so I was desperate to find a way to save some money.  I didn’t want to feed my baby just anything so I set out to do some research on brands.  I discovered that the FDA strictly regulates baby formula.  The name brand and the generic brands will have pretty much the same ingredients. The main difference is the price and the name brand. For a can of Parents Choice or Little Journey formula it costs about $15.  I’ve used store brand formulas from all three stores listed above (and some other local grocery stores) in addition to name brand and I’ll almost always use store brand because my children react well to them and it saves me money.  As a parent, it’s up to your own discretion. Every baby reacts differently to different products and brands.

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