An Open Letter to the Upset Hillary Supporter

Donald Trump won the Presidency. Now Please Get Over it.

Dear Hillary supporter,

Our new president
Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. Let that sink in. The people have spoken and Donald won. That is what this country ultimately chose and we are all in this country together. A lot of us, even some who voted for him, are probably a little nervous right now because this is the first president who has managed to overthrow the typical political elites. This is new for everyone. But try to understand the fear and upset that propelled some of the Trump voters to cast their ballot the way they did.

Whoever voted for Donald didn’t do it to slight anyone.  I’m not saying that every Donald voter isn’t racist or sexist, but I really think most are just sick and tired of being broke and overlooked for so long. He played the middle class who felt like they had no one to represent them and like they were losing ground.  We’ve long known that most people in this country, even former Bernie supporters, are sick of establishment politics. This was something people loved about Bernie as well. Donald is the ultimate anti-establishment candidate.  But Donald is also a former Democrat. Like Hillary said- we owe him a chance. He may not be as bad as you think.

I’m actually a registered Republican,  but that doesn’t mean I always vote Republican. I loved Bernie. I didn’t agree with all of his views but his passion for drastic change, which this nation so desperately needed, enlightened a fire in so many millennials including myself. It was heartbreaking to find out that the entire Democratic primary was rigged in favor of Hillary.  In that moment a lot of us pledged never to vote for Hillary.   I was one of those people. Ultimately I decided to vote for her but only because I was unsure Trump had the appropriate political background to run a country. As a Republican who reluctantly voted for Hillary in this election I think it gives me an objective viewpoint to understand both sides.

“This woman just wasn’t the right one to do the job justice”

Stop thinking that every Donald voter or Republican who didn’t vote for Hillary did it just because she’s a woman.  It would have made me and plenty others so proud to see the first woman president of the USA.  But you see, this woman just wasn’t the right one to do the job justice. She wasn’t the right candidate for the job in the least. The millions of women around the country who chose not the give their vote to her did so because they felt she wasn’t worthy of the position or title for a multitude of different reasons. They couldn’t let the first woman president of the United States be a corrupt criminal. Don’t you see how giving the position to a woman like that for the first time undermines us even more? We can do better ladies.

We’re all in this country together and want it to be the best version of itself, whether that means we want to bring it back to its “glory” days or transform it into something new and different. People are allowed to have different viewpoints and different wants and needs from this nation. It’s everyone’s home. But we need to work together to come to a happy medium. Step back and realize that Donald Trump IS the president now and nothing you do or say is going to change that. Stop protesting and acting like sore losers and babies. Honestly, it’s not helping you or your position. You’re making millennials look bad and older people already think we’re brats who get handed everything. This type of behavior is what helped propel Mr. Trump into the White House in the first place. He won fair and square.  Rest assure there is no rigging this time around – that is better left to Hillary. Now get off the streets and do something productive to make this country better. Protesting and burning flags will not make progress and combat hate. You’re deepening the divide.


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