Right Now, He’s Still Mine

My boy turns 3 today.  He still seems like my baby but I can see him turning into a big boy more and more every day.  His face is changing and everyday his sentences get clearer and clearer.

I still remember when I found out I was having a son. I had been secretly hoping for another daughter.  I never had any brothers and my closest cousins were all girls so having a boy seemed weird and out of place.  I had always pictured myself with a group of girls. A life filled with lots of pink, dresses and bows seemed right.  And I wanted my daughter to have a sister. My husband on the other hand was hoping for a boy now that we already had a girl.

When the ultrasound technician announced it was a boy Michael was so excited he actually teared up.  Me on the other hand- I was taken aback at the announcement.  I wasn’t disappointed but I was a bit nervous. What exactly would I do with a boy? Would I be able to relate or even feel close to him? These are the types of questions that plagued me throughout my pregnancy as I prepared to welcome my first son.

As soon as I first held Owen Michael all those fears just melted away.  I knew at that moment my heart would be changed in a totally different way.  Ever since he has made his presence in my life he’s had me wrapped around his little finger.  He is a total mama’s boy.

Being a boy mom is a truly interesting experience. Especially if you’re only used to girls. It’s a whole different ball game. Boys are messy, loud, smelly and always getting into something crazy.  I never pictured myself being able to sit down and play with superhero action figures but I do. I play superheroes and laugh at fart jokes.  And I somehow conquered the feat of teaching him to stand up and pee. As crazy as Owen is, he’s also the sweetest boy.  He loves to cuddle and still asks me to sing him to sleep every night.  There’s nothing quite like a sweet little boy asking you for an Eskimo kiss and telling you that you’re the prettiest girl he’s ever seen.  There’s something truly special about being the mom of a boy.

The crazy thing about being a boy mom is knowing someday you’ll be replaced.  Someday in the not so distant future he’ll come home from school gushing about a pretty girl at school.  He’ll be older so he won’t have much time to cuddle with me anymore.  He’ll spend his time holding another girls hand and buying her flowers instead of picking me dandelions from the front yard and giving me sloppy kisses.  And then the time will come for me to hand him over to another girl to keep forever.  And I’ll be hoping that I prepared him well for married life and taught him everything right about how to treat a girl.  I’d still be the luckiest woman in the world if he let me come over and give him a big bear hug and smooch those delicious adult cheeks of his even if he is married with children.

For right now though, he’s still mine.  While it lasts I’ll keep collecting my kisses and getting all the snuggles I can take.  I’ll soak in every moment and try to remember every silly saying and chubby-cheeked smile before he grows up and changes forever.

Happy birthday my boy.  Thank you God for giving me this little messy, mud covered little angel.

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