Spring Family Update

I haven’t written in a while so I figured I would give a little family update on what’s been going on.  This winter has been pretty routine but there have been a couple of exciting things that happened.

Ben turned 6 months old and has finally been sleeping a little better even though he’s still in our bed. He tries so hard to sit up on his own and crawl. This means he can finally eat some more interesting big boy foods like egg yolks soon.  We love seeing his personality develop more and more each day.  We’re still waiting for some teeth to sprout!

Kayleigh has been working her way through her last year of pre-school. She’s doing great and is a total social butterfly.  Michael and I got to take a trip to her future elementary school for a kindergarten informational night.  We got some information about what she will be learning next year and her kindergarten screening which is quickly approaching in late April.  We also registered her for soccer.  This is the first activity she is doing and we’re so excited to get her some shin guards and see her kick the ball on the field. She will definitely have a crowd of people at every game.  Kayleigh is getting so big and it’s crazy how time flies.

Owen is his same old cheerful, charming self. He will be home with me next year and it will be interesting for me to be home with just the 2 boys.  I’m sure the 2 of them will get into plenty mischief together. I can’t wait to watch them bond through the years.

My Boys

Michael and I have been planning to redo our bedroom.  It is horrible, so I’m so excited to see it transform into a room a can actually stand being in.  So far on the roster of things to do are refinishing the wood floor, paint the walls, mount the TV, refurbish the dresser, fix the crown molding and decorate (my favorite part).  This is something that is slowly getting done over the next couple of months and I’ll be sharing the details and before/after on the blog.

I will be running a team at the Capital Region Walk for RITA for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention Capital Region chapter this September so I’ll be fundraising and obviously participating in that. Our team will be Remembering Danny named after my 13-year-old cousin who committed suicide last summer so keep a look out for that on my social media pages and come walk with us in September if you live in Upstate NY!

We had a couple of nice days here in Upstate and it was a teaser for the spring and summer. Hopefully the warm weather will be back and here to stay soon. Everyone is currently sick here with (we hope) the last bad cold of the season, but we’re dreaming of swim lessons, beach trips, hikes and playground time! We love spring and summer in Upstate New York!

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